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Customized ESD Flooring Solutions

We Will Provide a Solution That Addresses Your Needs and Prove That It Works

If you’ve ever researched ESD flooring providers, you know that the majority offer one, possibly two, flooring materials and steer you toward those. At StaticWorx we never try to force-fit a floor with an application. Unlike other providers, we supply every type of ESD flooring on the market. Our diverse array of ESD flooring materials includes: static-dissipative carpet, as well as ESD vinyl, rubber, interlocking vinyl and rubber, and epoxy/coatings, all available in static-dissipative and conductive versions. Our goal, always, is to help you mitigate the risks of ESD by helping you select the floor that’s right for you. To ensure that our customized ESD flooring solutions fit perfectly and you’re happy with your new floor, we offer ongoing technical support, from conception through maintenance, for every project.

We Are On Your Team

StaticWorx takes a team-oriented approach to solving static problems. We begin each project with an in-depth discussion of your goals and objectives, along with a rigorous analysis of your application and environment. ESD standards vary across industries. We offer detailed technical information based on application-specific industry standards and test methods. We help you write your flooring specifications, grounded by objective criteria, repeatable data and independent lab reports. And we ensure that your specs meet all electrical and environmental parameters for your application.

ESD Education

Over the years, we’ve continued to expand and broaden our educational initiatives. StaticWorx publishes regularly in well-regarded industry journals. We offer popular CEU workshops to architects and designers in person and via Zoom. We routinely add new information to our expansive knowledge-based website. And we have created and maintain the largest collection of ESD videos in the industry, with over 2 million views across 80 videos (as of March 2024).

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