Photo of a copper strip against a white background.
Illustration of a part of the grounding process where a copper stripper is screwed into an outlet and then run down the wall and folded at the subfloor.

Copper Strips

✔ Available in strip (2"W x 24"L) or roll (2"W x 190'L)

✔ Link the ESD flooring installation to earth ground

✔ One 12” strip per 1000 feet of ESD flooring

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 - $425.00

For orders exceeding 150 lbs and/or for bulk or resale orders, please call 617-923-2000

Copper strips link the ESD flooring installation to ground. 12" copper strips are placed at the perimeter of the room, under the conductive adhesive, and connected to an earth ground such as an outlet or bus bar.

Use 1 copper strip for every 1000 ft. of tile.

How to Ground ESD Flooring 

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